About Us

Assent Medical Media Improving the Doctor-Patient Experience

We are a healthcare technology company that focuses on providing patients with the best doctor-patient experience by expanding the boundaries of the normal medical office visit. We accomplish this with personalized procedure videos that re-create the office visit for patients. These procedure videos, which we help doctors create, can be viewed wherever, whenever, and as many times as patients and their families or loved ones would like. Additionally, we assist doctors with SEO optimization and meaningfully implementing technology throughout their office experience.

Personalized Procedure Videos

We help doctors with the entire process of creating procedure videos for each of the medical procedures they offer for patients. This includes assistance with scripts for each procedure, professional video production, editing and hosting of the procedure videos, and more!

Custom Profile Page

We custom create a profile page for each doctor based on their specifications and preferences. This webpage is where patients can access the doctor's procedure videos and any other information the doctor wishes to share. We take care of hosting the web page and procedure videos for doctors.

Patient Satisfaction Surveys

We help doctors collection valuable information from their patients about their experience through the entire process from initial office visit to post-op recovery. We aggregate these reviews so doctors can see how they are doing, and with authorization, post them on review sites such as Healthgrades to help boost doctors' online presence.

Data & Analytics

We track and provide analytics for traffic across doctors' profile pages and each of their procedure videos. Additionally, we track doctors' online presence across review sites and the web to make sure they have a healthy online standing.