How It Works

How It Works?


Creating An Amazing Experience for You & Your Patients

We are passionately committed to helping every patient receive the time, opportunity, and understanding to fully and actively participate in their own healthcare. This means a better experience for both doctors and their patients! We achieve this by helping doctors create personalized videos for each of their medical procedures. Then, we help doctors integrate these procedure videos as well as custom patient satisfaction surveys into their office. Overall, this leads to a better medical experience for patients and higher satisfaction and referral ratings for doctors; a WIN-WIN!

Step 1. Create Personalized Videos for Each Procedure

We create a VIP experience for doctors by providing full video production for each of the medical procedures they want to create videos for. We provide examples of other doctors' procedure videos, assistance in coming up with ideas and scripts for procedure videos, and professional video production. Our goal is to make the process as easy as possible for doctors.

Step 2. Create Doctor's Custom Profile Page

We create a custom profile page where patients can access their doctor's procedure videos and other pertinent information related to their healthcare.

Step 3. Integration with Doctor's Office

We meaningfully integrate and implement technology with doctors' offices to create the best patient experience from start to finish.

Step 4. Boosting Doctors' Online Presence

Assistance with improving doctors' online presence through collection and posting of patient satisfaction surveys.

Step 5. Data & Analytics

We track and provide analytics for traffic across doctors' profile pages and each of their procedure videos.