How to Feel Comfortable with Surgery

  • January 12, 2021

Are you Comfortable With Surgery?

Are you scared that your doctor will push you to have surgery without fully explaining things to you? Or, even worse, did your doctor even offer you an option other than surgery? All too often these days, most patients answers to these questions is a resounding yes. It can feel like you are not even making your own decisions when it comes to your healthcare. This is leading to a lot of pre-surgery anxiety for patients. But that is not how it should be. For many, the option of surgery should be a last resort because it is such a drastic measure. Your non-surgical treatment options should be fully discussed and explored before surgery is considered. And even at this point, you should completely understand and be comfortable with surgery before proceeding. Unfortunately, patients usually end up signing up for surgery after a short office visit with a doctor without fully understanding the surgical procedure or its implications. What just happened? You came in to learn about your condition, discuss options, and ask questions. But the next thing you know, you are leaving scheduled for surgery. Now, surgery is sometimes absolutely necessary and is not inherently a bad thing but wouldn’t you like to be comfortable with surgery and understand it before proceeding? Too often patients feel rushed through their office visit. They are not given the time necessary to ask questions, discuss non-surgical treatment options, and fully comprehend their office visit. Too often patients leave feeling rushed, uninformed, and scared. Why must meeting with a doctor feel like this? It does not have to. With Assent Medical Media, you can feel fully informed and comfortable with surgery.

Becoming Comfortable With Surgery Through Assent Medical Media

Through Assent Medical Media, doctors can now create personalized procedure videos that re-create the office visit for patients. These videos give you, the patient, the ability to watch and listen as many times as you would like to your doctor as he or she discusses the details of your surgery. All the details that you missed or did not fully understand during your office visit are re-explained in the video so that you can make a decision about whether you want surgery or not. Then, if surgery is necessary, you can watch them as many times as needed in order to feel more comfortable with surgery. The great thing is you can watch the videos anytime, anywhere, and as many times as you want and they can be shared with family, friends, or loved ones. It is a unique way for the people closest to you to meet your doctor and help you make a decision about whether you should proceed with surgery or not.

Putting You at The Center of Your Healthcare

You should be at the center of your healthcare. You have a fundamental right to understand your healthcare and feel comfortable with surgery. You should be able to fully take part in the decision-making process in your healthcare, especially when it involves surgery. You should never feel rushed when making such a big decision in your life – and surgery is a major life decision. So ask your doctor if he or she takes part in Assent Medical Media’s personalized video program. Do not consider having surgery without it. You should understand your specific medical condition, be offered treatment options other than surgery, and, if you do have surgery, understand what you are going to have done. You deserve this much when it comes to something as important as your healthcare. At the end of the day, if you are not fully informed about your healthcare, then who is truly making the decision, you or your doctor?
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