3 Reasons All Doctors Need New Personalized Procedure Videos

  • January 14, 2021

Nowadays, many patients feel they do not have enough time with their doctors. This can be a major concern for people when it comes to something as serious as their healthcare. However, it doesn’t have to be this way. Doctors can now create personalized procedure videos for patients so that patients can have a better overall healthcare experience. You may be wondering what exactly are personalized procedure videos. They are videos that re-create the medical office visit for patients and are personalized per each doctor and his/her practice. These videos are meant to help patients better understand and feel comfortable with their healthcare. They serve as an extension for doctors so they can continue to inform patients even if they cannot spend more time with them. Unfortunately, not all doctors use these videos. Yet, we believe they are a very exciting new aspect for healthcare. Therefore, we are going to give 3 reasons why we believe every doctor needs to be using these personalized procedure videos.


1. Improved Patient Satisfaction

The current healthcare experience for most patients is very impersonal and not very pleasant. By providing personalized procedure videos for their patients, doctors are showing they care. It aids a personalize touch to the experience and makes it more enjoyable. In addition, these videos give family, friends, and other loved ones of a patient the chance to meet that patients’ doctor. Even though these people cannot be present in person, they can still feel as though they are part of the healthcare experience of their loved one. All of these things lead to patient being more satisfied with their doctor and overall healthcare experience.


2. Increased Patient Understanding And Comprehension

Patients forget up to 80% of the medical information shared with them by their doctor during their office visit. The more complex or stressful the information is, the more likely patients are to forget it. This can be a huge problem in healthcare because patients are not able to make informed decisions when they do not truly understand or comprehend what is being told to them. However, when a doctor has personalized procedure videos, patients can view these videos as many times as necessary in order to better understand and comprehend what the doctor is trying to tell them. This leads to patients feeling more comfortable and making more informed decisions about their healthcare.


3. Better Results in Post-Operative Period

As stated above, patients forget up to 80% of the medical information shared with them. This is troublesome when patients are expected to remember so much information after having an operation performed. Consequently, patients usually do not follow the post-op instructions discussed or given to them very well, if at all. This is no longer a problem when doctors have personalized procedure videos because the videos can contain precise instructions on what the patient should and should not be doing after the operation. The patient can then watch these videos whenever they forget something that was discussed. Furthermore, patients have better results when they follow their post-op instructions more closely.


Overall, personalized procedure videos have numerous benefits to both doctors and patients. They provide a meaningful extension to the doctor-patient experience so that doctors can continue to educate and interact with their patients after the office visit. Thus, we believe every doctor should have them for their patients in order to improve healthcare for everyone.


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